The South Eastern European
Multi-Agent Systems
Summer School
Bucharest, Romania
July 5-10, 2010

Travel Information

How to arrive

By air

Most flights, both international and domestic, land at the Henri Coandă International Airport, located in Otopeni, 18 km north of the city downtown. The smaller Aurel Vlaicu International Airport is used primarily by business, charter and low-cost airlines.

City Transfer

By train

Bucharest is linked through direct daily trains to all neighboring countries’ capitals (Belgrade, Budapest, Chişinău, Kiev, Sofia), as well as to Vienna, Venice, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Moscow and of course to main cities in all of Romania’s 41 counties.
All international trains and most long distance internal trains arrive at Gara de Nord (Northern) station, located quite near of the city center, to which it is linked by subway and several buses, trolley, and tramway lines.

By bus

There are bus connections between Bucharest and large cities in Europe (especially in Southern Europe) and also to many large and medium sized cities throughout Romania. Bucharest has several bus terminals: Băneasa (for northern bound routes), Obor (east), Filaret (south), Alexandriei (south-west), Militari (west), and Griviţa (north-west).

By car

The city’s entrances from the north (the E60 road coming from Braşov), west (the A1 highway from Piteşti), east (the A2 (Sun) highway from Constanţa), south (the E20 road from Giurgiu).

How to get around


The metro, which has four lines (M1, M2, M3, M4) and covers the city quite extensively. Here you can find the metro map.

Buses, trams and trolleybuses

The ticketing system uses contact-less smart-cards, called Activ cards. Once bought (you will need some ID to do that) the cards can be loaded with various ticketing options, including some that allow usage on both the subway and surface networks.
To get to Politehnica University:

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Citizens of EU member countries don’t need visas to enter Romania. Your passport will be stamped when you enter the country and you will be entitled to stay for up to 60 days in Romania free of charge. Should you wish to extend your stay, you will need to present yourself at the visa extension office. (For more information on visas, go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa policy page).